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Харківський міський притулок для безхатніх тварин

Dogs and cats from the Shelter for homeless animals
communal enterprise "Center for the treatment of animals"
looking for owners

Kharkov city shelter is looking for owners for cats and dogs. All animals are sterilized, treated for fleas and helminths and vaccinated against diseases such as: rabies; plague of carnivores; infectious hepatitis; parainfluenza; respiratory adenovirus; coronary and parvovirus enteritis and leptospirosis.

If you are interested in some animal and you decide to take it home, please do not hesitate and rather call us: (067) 920-79-04, (057) 775-30-80, (057) 754-97-12

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How to reach us!

We are waiting for you at : Gagarin avenue 358(Airport area).

Get there it is possible on the minibus No. 198, which goes to Vasyshcheve from Gagarin. And also by buses from the Horse Market bus station, which go through the Odessa stop to Vasyshcheve, Khoroshevo, Zmiiv and Lizogubovka. Ask the driver for a shelter stop, following the epicenter at the airport.